J Vasconcellos

José Madureira Vasconcellos is a reknowned international painter. He was born in Brazil, and he was educated at the Academy of Fine Arts inBelo Horizonte and Rio de Janeiro. He has been settled in Danmark since 1974. 1961-1972 – Vasconcellos studes in the Academy of Fine Arts (BH and RIO). Afterwards he teaches History of Art in the Gamma Filho University and at the UCMG in the Instituto Villa Lobos. It is an arid period of production, because of the strict control and censure of the Military regime in Brazil. 1973 – Vasconcellos and his wife pianist Valeria Zanini settle in Chile. He has exhibitions in Galllery Carmen Waugh, Santiago as well as the National Museum of Fine Arts of Santiago. He becomes a professor at Chile University and also paints various frescos for the O´Higgins Park. 1974 to 1979 – After the Military Coup of Pinochet, Vasconcellos and Valeria Zanini settle in Danmark in January pf 1974. During these first years in Denmark, Vasconcellos exhibits in: Gallery Helliggest, Gallery Moderne, Gallery Passepartout, Dansk Kunstmesse (Danmark), Museum of Erotic Art in San Francisco (USA), Gallery Reflets (Belgium), Gallery Fabien Boulakia in Paris and Georges Veyrat of Port Grimond (France), as well as Koln Kunst Kabinet, Colonie (Germany).In 1978 Vasconcellos and Valeria Zanini win the Price of “Dronning Ingrids Romersk Fond” and go to Accademia di Danimarca in Rome and Bienale di Potenza, Vicenzo Bitteti (Italy). He returns toCopenhagen and makes 11 lithographs in the atelier of Hostrup Johansen, Copenhague. 1980 to 1990 – Vasconcellos exhibits in: Gallery Bonino in Rio de Janeiro as well as Palcio das Artes and Gallery Novo Tempo in Belo Horizonte (Brazil). In Denmark he works with Gallery Moderne, Gallery Huset, Charltenborg Her og Nu, Galery Knabro, Gallery Blidha. He also continues with Koln Kunst Kabinet in Germany and Gallery Art Conseil in Paris as well as Centre Culturel de Blagnac inToulouse (France). 1990 to 2000 – Vasconcellos exhibits in: Dan Galeria, São Paulo and Gallery Colans, Belo Horizonte(Brazil). In Denmark he works with Grupo Kontrapunkt, Gallery Sisanne Højriis, Gallery Knabro, Gallery Blidha, forum Arts and outside the borders he exhibits in the International Art Fair, Pragueand Art Comet (Czech Republic). He makes the album The Deccameron with 6 colors metalgraphs. 2001 to 2010 – Vasconcellos exhibits in: Gallery Gerly, Herning Kunst Messe, Forum Arts, Gallery Polka Dot, Lauritz Kunstaktion and Gallery Eros in Denmark. He wins the prestigious Price “Jyllands Postens Kunst Fond” (Copenhagen-Berlin). He continues to work in many other European countries, with new connections: Gallery Art Cubic, Barcelona (Spain); Gallery Marco Gregovic, Petrovac (Montenegro); Gallery Progress, Belgrad (Serbia); Art Kontact2002, Karlovy Vary and Libuse Muller (Czech Republic); Pequena Galeria, Belo Horizonte, Museum of Contemporary Art in Goiás and Espaco Cultural do Congresso Nacional, Brasilia as well as Galeria L Potrich, Arte Contemporanea, Goiania, Banart, Galeria de Arte, Londrina (Brasil). And Harbo Art Gallery in Malmö (Sweden). He is currently preparing exhibitions to the Asgherholm Gallery in Danmark, Gallery Scheider inGermany and Galery Potrich in Brazil.


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