JACINTO GONZÁLEZ FONCERRADA – JASSO Nació en la Ciudad de México en 1975, titulado por la Universidad Anáhuac del Sur en la Licenciatura en Mercadotecnia. Desde niño fue un dibujante autodidacta y del 2009 al 2011 ha asistido a varios talleres. y actualmente asiste al taller del maestro Raúl Barcelo Carreola en la ciudad de México D.F. Inclinando sus trabajos en el arte abstracto , realista y contemporáneo. Ha expuesto su obra en más de 50 exposiciones colectivas y duales tanto en México como en el extranjero en menos de cinco años. Haber sido un artista autodidacta desde niño, aunque se ha inspirado en una serie de grandes maestros de la historia del arte, en particular Picasso, Miró, Dalí, José Luis Cuevas y Van Gogh, ha tenido la suerte de recibir el reconocimiento del público y en una variedad de lugares. En junio del 2012 salió seleccionado con uno de sus cuadros en TIMES SQUARE NY ya que fue finalista en Art Takes Times Square y otro de sus cuadros fue seleccionado para el libro del evento. Expuso en Agora gallery en el 2013 y recientemente fue seleccionado con mención honorifica en el concurso: The 30 Chelsea International Fine Art Competition. Jacinto F. Gonzalez Foncerrada “Jasso” I have been a self-taught artist since childhood, though I have been inspired by a number of the great masters of art history, in particular Picasso, Miro, Dali, Jose Luis Cuevas and van Gogh, and have been fortunate to receive public recognition and appreciation in a variety of places. I like to use oils and acrylics, and occasionally other techniques, to make entirely original images based largely on my ideas of modern and abstract art and what they can be. I like to use a lot of light in my works, and strong colors. These elements often dictate the other aspects of a piece ? forms, for example, are very flexible. I like to work with them on a number of different levels and dimensions. Imagination is key to my creative process, it is the heart of my motivation and the guiding force behind each work. It is also important that the viewer bring their own creativity to their experience of the Works The artist known as Jasso paints high energy abstracts with oils and acrylics on canvas. Wild patterns and vibrant colors are prevalent in his work, and his paintings often take on a sculptural quality; abstract shapes and deliberate shadows come together to create forms that are reminiscent of complicated origami. ?In my paintings I like to use a lot of light and try to use strong colors,? he explains. ?I like to create structures and figures.? Jasso clearly delights in his work. His pieces have a playful aspect; he has the rare gift of knowing how to communicate humor through abstract visuals, and he uses that ability to his advantage. Jasso?s work bursts with life and energy, and it is clear that he has vision and direction. Each work of art is intricate and intense, immediately capturing the viewer?s attention and slowly drawing one through the piece. Jasso was born in Mexico and currently lives in Mexico City. He has exhibited his work in 40 exhibitions in three years.


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