Jerome Chia Horng Lin

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Artist Statement- Jerome Chia-Horng Lin Art has always been a part of my life. It reflects the evolution of my thoughts and life experiences. Many viewers are often curious about how artists create their art. For an artist like myself, engaged in practice for decades, I constantly search for a true answer to that question. No matter what part of the world you are from, there is a common inner notion that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. I see the beauty actually lying in the mind of the beholder, not just on the surface, but in the subconscious too. For myself, I am fascinated by the wonders of Mother Nature. Moreover, I am also attracted by the vastness of the human mind. While I find scenarios in nature captivating, the exploration of the images generated by our mind is sometimes more mysterious and enticing. My work has a soul. I love to create that which calls into question our perception of reality and of ourselves. I do a lot of research with certain phenomena to grasp certain concepts in my work. I spend just as much time gathering and interpreting data as I do creating from it. Sometimes I try to comprehend and unveil the hidden messages through the mechanism of psychological analysis. Other times, I keep it simple, and allow Nature to provide inspiration. I like to believe that I am on a spiritual journey, but I am reluctant to clearly define that path. So, I constantly explore and am open to the possibilities of my art. Over the ten years, I continue to create a series of works based on the theme of “Water”. All substances are essentially various wavelength of vibration. Water has remarkable trait to carry specific memory and spirituality. I kept exploring it and look at things in different perspective. The egg series derived from the water series after I dealt with water for a long time. The egg is considered as the beginning form of many lives. I use the metaphor to imply many thoughts I contemplate during long period of time.