Juan Luis Ramírez

As a human being one of the things I look for the most is the way to express myself and one of the many disciplines that exists but in which I find more balance and more connection with everyone is painting.

I have been painting professionally for two years now, as a child my notebooks were full of drawings to remove the monotony of my days, and with the passage of time I knew that the image is the most impressive medium for the human being and therefore I dedicate myself totally to painting, to create nice and beautiful experiences for the people.

Kill the Old Heroes
Mixta s/lienzo
40 x 25 cm
17,250 mxn
Searching for You!
Acuarela en canvas
27 x 37 cm
7,250 mxn

I seek to embed a message in the fabric … I always ask God to use me as an instrument and to use me to be able to touch people who appreciate the works by his grace.

Inside her Beauty
Óleo y acrilico en canvas
40 x 40 cm
20,000 mxn
Me, behind her spirit
Óleo y acrílico en canvas
50 x 45 cm
15,400 mxn

When I paint I always want to say something beyond the norm, explain what almost no one dares to question. My intention is to lead people to ask more intense and profound questions, take it out of the daily routine and transport it to the spiritual world.

When I am alone in the studio, each decision is made moment by moment, colors and textures appear thanks to my intuition and explosions of spontaneity.

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